Cane and Crutches

Speak with one of our cane and crutches experts at Parker Home Health Care to discuss the right size, style, and handle shape provides the best solution. We offer folding and walking canes, as well as offset and ergonomically designed canes to satisfy a long list of challenges.

Parker Home Health Care can help with the need for crutches due to an injury, or walking crutches for long-term use. Our wood and aluminum crutches offer adjustable sections to get the fit just right for your comfort and safety.

We also can help with a variety of cane accessories to improve your experience. Glow-in-the-dark cane-tips help you find them at night. Add a flashlight or ice pick for added security. Cane holders and straps allow you to hang your cane on any table in your home.

Call or visit Parker Home Health Care to discuss your cane and crutches requirements.