Ceiling, Porch, Stair and Vehicle Lifts

Ceiling, porch, stair and vehicle lifts solve the biggest problems people have staying home. Parker has a wide variety of lift products to make your life easier.

Ceiling Lift: Also called a “Patient Lift” Parker Home Healthcare provides a wide variety of lift devices for your home. Options include fixed track based lifts as well as portable floor based lift devices. Discuss your particular needs with a lift specialist at Parker today.

Porch Lift: Your porch lift takes away the biggest obstacle when arriving home. Individually quoted, Parker’s installation experts will assess your home’s exterior and determine which porch lift device makes the most sense. Sometimes combined with ramps, a porch lift provides ultimate freedom.

Parker offers lift options from Bruno and Pride Lifts & Ramps. In the accessibility industry, we call these devices Vertical Platform lifts. You can even ride up in a wheelchair or scooter to easily enter or exit your home. They can also provide access to decks or basements. Bruno Platform Lifts are Made in the USA and can travel up to 14 feet vertically.

Stair Lift: A stair lift gives you access to the rest of your home. Installed in less than a day, a stair lift provides safe comfortable travel up and down stairs. Stair lifts are customized to deal with your home’s unique shape. Twists and bends in the stairs are compensated for when installing your stair lift. You’ll find a stair lift does not get in the way of normal use of stairs by other members of your household. Railings only provide a limited amount of confidence. Have a seat and ride up the stairs. Parker offers stairlift options from Bruno and Acorn. Available in straight or curved, indoor and outdoor, your stairlift provides you with reliable access to every room in your home.

Vehicle Lift: Installing a vehicle lift makes travel even easier. Parker Home Healthcare will assess your needs and provide a quote for the lift device that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Pride Vehicle lifts can be easily installed in MiniVans, SUVs and Crossovers as well as any pickup truck. Your vehicle lift will easily handle a wheelchair, scooter or power wheel chair.

Call or visit Parker Home Health Care today to discuss your ceiling, porch, stair and vehicle lifts needs.