Diabetic Socks

Less conforming than compression socks, diabetic socks are serious treatment for a serious condition. Parker Home Health Care’s diabetic socks are non-binding and non-elasticized. They are made to be comfortable and not restrict circulation to the foot or leg.

It is estimated that over 2 million people in Canada have Diabetes. Diabetics can develop serious health issues with their feet and lower limbs. These issues can include a reduction of the blood supply to the foot which can hinder its ability to heal. Diabetics can also experience a decrease in sensitivity to pain and temperature change in their feet. This can lead to serious implications if the foot suffers a cut or abrasion and is left untreated.This is why diabetic socks have all seams on the outside of the sock and are non-restrictive.

Diabetics are encouraged to inspect their feet daily and seek immediate care if they note any irregularities.  Call or visit Parker Home Health Care to speak to our diabetic sock specialists.